12 Simple Tips to Smile Better (In Any Situation)


A genuine smile has the power to brighten not only your day but also the days of those around you. Whether you're navigating a challenging situation, meeting new people, or simply going about your daily routine, a smile can be your secret weapon.

Not everyone can smile with confidence, and this can be down to a wide range of reasons. Maybe you have small imperfections that are holding you back from smiling with confidence. Or maybe you have discoloured teeth that are damaging your self-esteem. Sometimes it’s something as simple as seeing an unflattering photo of yourself that makes you question your own self-image.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to smile with more confidence, there is always something you can do to either improve your smile or increase your acceptance. Here are 12 simple tips to help you smile better in any situation:

1. Start from within

True radiance comes from within. Take a moment to cultivate positive thoughts and gratitude. When you feel good on the inside, it naturally reflects in your smile. Instead of focusing on your appearance and worrying about what your smile looks like, focus on the things you have to be grateful for.

Smiling is a reflection of the present moment. Practice mindfulness and be fully engaged in the situation at hand. This will help you respond genuinely to the people and events around you.

2. Practise good oral hygiene

A healthy smile starts with proper oral care. Brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy. You should also commit to regular dental checkups to ensure your teeth, gums and jaw are healthy.

If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, this could be a sign that something is wrong and you should address this as a matter of urgency. Regular trips to the dental hygienist will help to keep your teeth healthy and glistening bright. A professional cleaning can remove surface staining that erodes your confidence. It can also pave the way for more effective teeth whitening treatments.

3. Smile with your eyes

A sincere smile extends beyond your lips. Engage your eyes by allowing them to crinkle slightly at the corners. This genuine expression adds warmth and authenticity to your smile. A fake smile often looks forced and uncomfortable, and this can leave you feeling more self-conscious. By allowing your smile to extend beyond your mouth, you’ll look more natural and at ease.

4. Relax your face

Tension can hinder a natural smile. Take a moment to relax your facial muscles. Let go of any stress or strain, allowing your smile to appear effortless and inviting. Learning how to relax and smile naturally will help you to feel more confident smiling when you meet new people or smiling for photographs.

5. Find your signature smile

Experiment with different smiles in the mirror to discover what feels most authentic to you. Whether it's a subtle smirk or a wide grin, find the expression that reflects your personality. When you know which smiles look best in photos, you’ll also be able to pose with confidence without worrying about what you look like.

6. Address any imperfections

If you are aware of any smile imperfections, this can make you reluctant to smile fully. It can also derail your confidence and leave you feeling preoccupied about how you look. Cosmetic dentistry can help you to feel more confident in your smile by fixing these small issues that might be holding you back.

This could include things like orthodontics to address alignment problems, or composite bonding to conceal chips, cracks and gaps. You could also invest in veneers to completely transform your smile in just a few visits to the dentist. If you’re curious about how cosmetic dentistry could help you smile with more confidence, book an appointment with our team today.

7. Try teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most accessible cosmetic treatments available. It is minimally invasive and offers lasting results that will help you to smile with more confidence. When choosing your teeth whitening system, you need to make sure you only select a dentist-supervised product.

It’s illegal for anyone but a dentist to offer teeth whitening as there is a high risk of damage to the teeth and chemical burns to the gums if it is handled incorrectly. Over-whitening the teeth can also lead to permanent discolouration and increased sensitivity.

8. Lick your teeth before you smile

This might sound like an unusual tip, but it can help your smile look more natural. A dry mouth can lead your lips to catch on your teeth, which can make your smile look crooked. Before you smile, run your tongue across your front teeth so your lips can glide easily over them. It will also make your teeth look slightly glossy and brighter.

Checking that you don’t have food in your teeth after a meal is also a good idea. By running your tongue over your teeth, you might be alerted to any food debris that is lingering on your teeth.

9. Focus on your posture

Your posture will have a huge impact on your whole look. A confident posture leads to a more confident smile, so make sure you throw your shoulders back and stand/sit up straight when you smile. If you struggle to maintain a confident posture, try using a back brace to remind you to sit up straight. Before long, this will become second nature to you.

10. Embrace what makes you unique

Your smile is unique to you, so try to focus on this when you smile. You don’t have to have a perfect smile to be able to smile with confidence. Many cosmetic dentists will even recommend that patients choose to retain some of these small features that make their smile less perfect as it will look more natural. You are the only one with your smile, and this is something to celebrate.

11. Separate your teeth when you smile

Your bite will determine how your teeth rest together. If you have a normal bite, it’s common for your top teeth to sit slightly over your bottom teeth. When you smile, if you press your top and bottom teeth together it can look very unnatural. Instead, try keeping a slight gap between your top and bottom teeth. If you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth at the same time, you will also help to avoid a double chin in photographs.

12. Try different smiles for different situations

There are many different types of smiles and each one is suitable for a different situation. When you learn the different types of smiles, you’ll be able to apply them to different circumstances with ease. For example, the smile you share in a job interview will be very different to the smile you share in a group selfie on a night out. If you are getting married, consider the smile you will use for photos and make sure this is one that you can keep using all day.

Closing thoughts

A confident smile doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but there are simple steps you can take to fake it. By learning more about your smile and what looks good on you, you can project a more confident image to those around you.

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