Why more people are opting for private cosmetic dental treatment


NHS dentistry in the UK is incredibly helpful for ensuring that the basics are always covered. You can get regular checkups and basic restorations for a low cost, and some people even enjoy free treatment. But there is a large gap between the types of treatments offered on the NHS and the types of treatments that can really transform your smile.

While NHS treatment focuses on function and health, private treatment takes it one step further and allows you to think about the aesthetics of your smile. Having a perfect smile can transform your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

A perfect smile is also easier to care for. And we know that individuals who invest in their smiles are far more likely to take good care of their teeth the rest of the time. This is why there has been a sharp rise in the number of people in the UK searching for cosmetic dental treatment. These are just some of the reasons it is growing in popularity:

It is becoming more accessible

Cosmetic dental treatments used to be something you assumed only the rich and the famous could enjoy. There’s a reason we associate a perfect smile with Hollywood stars. But a perfect smile is no longer something that is out of reach for ordinary people.

With more private dental clinics popping up around the country, it has become far easier for individuals to access the treatments they want. Increased awareness of the treatments available is also helping to drive an increase in demand. Treatments like Invisalign are becoming household names.

It is getting cheaper

As cosmetic dental treatments become more accessible, they also become more affordable. And many dental practices are offering interest-free credit or payment plans to help spread the cost of treatment. This is often combined with a monthly private dentistry subscription fee that allows individuals to enjoy discounts on cosmetic treatments.

Many people who assume they cannot afford cosmetic dentistry are often pleasantly surprised when they learn just how cost-effective it can be. And while treatments are getting cheaper, individuals are also seeing the potential benefits of investing in their smiles.

There are options for every budget

As there are more cosmetic treatments available than ever before, it’s becoming easier for individuals to choose the treatments that fit their needs. New advances in dental technology are also responsible for making treatment a lot cheaper.

A perfect example of this would be composite bonding. This highly cost-effective treatment can be completed in just one visit and offers a viable alternative to treatments like veneers. While veneers might be a longer-lasting solution, composite bonding is the ideal choice for those who want fast results on a budget.

Treatment is more flexible

Getting orthodontic treatment on the NHS is notoriously tricky. Once you are over the age of 18, you are no longer eligible for treatment, so this rules out a lot of the population. And even those under the age of 18 must meet strict criteria to qualify for treatment.

By choosing private dental care, you have the flexibility to choose when you start orthodontic treatment, and you don’t have to stay on a waiting list or seek approval. There are also a lot more options available. With NHS orthodontics, the only option is fixed metal braces. With private treatment, you could choose from discreet braces, removable aligners, or even lingual braces which sit on the back of the teeth.

When you go private, you’re a paying customer and have a lot more control over your treatment plan. This opens up orthodontic treatment to under 18s with mild orthodontic cases, and all over 18s who want to straighten their teeth, no matter their age.

We’re more aware of our smiles

There’s no denying that social media is having an impact on our self-image and how we want to be perceived by those around us. If you struggle to smile in photos, you might start to wonder about what you can do to correct this. Cosmetic dental treatment offers a simple and effective way to allow you to smile with more confidence.

Even if you aren’t self-conscious about your smile, you might be confronted with it more often thanks to social media. You might be more likely to spot small imperfections, and armed with the knowledge that these are easy to fix, you might be more likely to seek treatment.

Closing thoughts

Private cosmetic dentistry is here to stay and has an important place alongside preventative and restorative dental care. When you invest in your smile, you are far more likely to take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing twice a day. For this reason, the growth in demand for private cosmetic dental care can only be a positive thing for the nation’s oral health.

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