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This innovative treatment option allows your dentist to create your perfect smile in just one visit. Close gaps, conceal discolouration, fix chips and create the illusion of straighter teeth. Composite bonding offers a cost-effective alternative to veneers and treatment can be completed in just one visit. If you’re looking for a dramatic transformation without the wait, composite bonding could be the ideal treatment for you.

Incredible results in just one visit

Correct minor imperfections in an instant

Cheaper and faster than veneers and crowns

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a modern treatment that can help to conceal minor imperfections and instantly upgrade your smile. A special resin is applied directly to the tooth surface and then moulded into the right shape. Once complete, a UV light is used to cure and harden the resin and the restoration is complete. This offers a cost-effective alternative to treatments like teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers and crowns. The treatment can be completed in just one visit to our Blackheath cosmetic dentistry clinic.

Are you a suitable candidate?

Composite bonding is the ideal choice for a range of aesthetic imperfections. This treatment may be used to create the illusion of straighter and whiter teeth or to conceal gaps, chips or cracks. Composite bonding may also help to protect the underlying tooth structure in cases where there is thinning enamel. To be a suitable candidate for composite bonding you should have good oral hygiene and minor imperfections that you do not wish to address with other treatment options.

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Your composite bonding treatment journey

Curious about the treatment plan? This is what you can expect from your composite bonding treatment.


Step one

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation to learn if you are a suitable candidate for composite bonding. We will explain the benefits and limitations of this cosmetic procedure.


Step two

Oral Health Check

Before we go ahead with treatment, we want to make sure your teeth are in the best possible condition. We may recommend additional gum treatments to help protect your oral health.


Step three

Placing the Composite

Composite bonding is a treatment that is applied directly to your teeth. Your dentist will match the colour and then shape the composite. Once it is ready, UV light is used to harden the material.


Step four

Smile With Confidence

Composite bonding can deliver incredible results in just one visit. You will be ready to leave the dental practice and continue with your day with your confident new smile.

The transformation can be completed in just one visit. The actual time taken for the procedure will vary depending on the complexity of the composite bonding, but you can expect to be in the dentist's chair for 30 minutes to one hour.

You can expect your composite bonding restoration to last for around five years. The material will wear down gradually over time, but it could also chip or crack. After this time, you will have to decide if you want to repeat the composite bonding or choose a porcelain veneer.

Absolutely! If you have a minor imperfection you would like to change, composite bonding offers a fast and cost-effective way to get your perfect smile.

No, the composite bonding material will not react to whitening chemicals. A dental hygienist visit will help to remove surface stains, but the colour of the composite resin will not be lifted. If you are thinking about teeth whitening, you should complete this before you undergo composite restorations so your dentist can choose the correct colour.

No, composite bonding will not ruin or damage your teeth. It could even protect your teeth by helping to cover areas where the natural enamel is thinning.

Composite bonding can look incredibly natural and the goal is always to make it look like a natural tooth. Composite materials are not the same as enamel, so the composite bonding won't have the glass-like translucency of natural teeth. However, it would only be on very close inspection that anyone would notice the material.

No, once the material is bonded to your tooth, it will stay put. It will wear down over time and may chip or crack if the tooth is subject to excess pressure or overuse. If you grind your teeth at night, this might lead to the composite bonding wearing down faster. We will explore these possibilities during your initial consultation.

This all depends on your aesthetic goals. Composite bonding, composite veneers and porcelain veneers all have an important place in dentistry, so it's really about deciding which option will provide the best restoration for your needs. Composite bonding is an excellent cost-effective choice, while porcelain veneers will offer a longer-lasting restoration.

Composite bonding smile transformations


How much does composite bonding cost in 2024?

We offer flexible payment plans to help you spread the cost of treatment.

Composite bonding is a highly cost-effective treatment option for those on a budget. If you want to achieve dazzling results without the costs associated with many cosmetic treatments, composite bonding is the ideal choice. During your initial consultation, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the costs of this and alternative treatments so that you can make an informed choice about your cosmetic dental work. With interest-free payment plans, we’ll help you to manage the cost of your treatment so that high-quality cosmetic dentistry is accessible and affordable for you.

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